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Data coming CSV files

Mar 7, 2016 at 3:59 PM
Hello Keith,

I looked for info on the Discussions about "CSV" but found nothing.

My scenario is this.-
  • I am using the SSIS Multiple Hash component immediately after I get data from a "Flat File Source" data flow component, which is connected into a CSV file.
  • If I run more than once the data load for the same CSV file, it does not generate again the same HASH value for some of the records, for instance, out of a total of 3100 rows, only 3060 do get the same HASH that was generated on a previous attempt, so 40 rows are getting a NEW HASH value the next time I run the data load.
  • The configuration I am using the HASH component is: "Safe Null Handling" is checked, "Enable Multiple Threading" is ON, and I do not have checked "Milliseconds ?", I am using the version with SQL Server 2008.
I am guessing if I should be getting the rows' data from the CSV first inserted on any SQL Server table, and then from there try to use the HASH component; not sure if there could a problem with the HASH component to properly recognize data types from a CSV file.

I do appreciate your help.
Mar 10, 2016 at 2:12 AM
You shouldn't be seeing differences in the hash value in the scenario you have described.
I've seen millions of rows running from the flat file source into the hash component, generating the hash value(s), and then inserting into SQL tables.
I haven't seen a single case of different hash values being generated for the same input data.

Is it possible to get the SSIS package, and the source data that is showing the problem?

You can ping me directly via the contact user option, if you don't want to upload the files here.