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Issues with Visual Studio 2015?

Mar 2 at 9:47 PM
In short, when I open up an existing SSIS package in VS2015 that was created in VS2013 with Multiple Hash version, nothing happens when I double-click the existing Multiple Hash container.

If I do the same in VS2013, the Multiple Hash container opens and you can see the input columns and etc.

Now if I open up an existing solution (created in VS2013 with SSIS packages created in VS2013) in VS2015, and then open up an SSIS package, the Multiple Hash container opens up and "works".

Just for clarity's sake, I currently have both VS2013 and VS2015 installed.

Any thoughts on how I can get VS2015 and Mulitple Hash to work? Do I need to install the latest 1.6.6.x?