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Usage Instructions

The following should assist you in using this component.


After downloading the appropriate setup files, unzip them, and execute the Setup.exe file.

If you have a previous version (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.3 or 1.3.1) you will get a dialog box informing you that you must uninstall the previous version.
Do this, and then restart the installation.

Once the installation has completed, you will need to start BIDS.
For SQL 2005 and SQL 2008, add the new component into the Toolbox. (2012 and above do this automatically).
This is done as follows:
  1. Add a data flow task into a new Integration Services package
  2. Open the data flow task
  3. Display the Toolbox
  4. Right click the Data Flow Transformations within the Toolbox
  5. Select Choose Items
  6. Switch to the SSIS Data Flow Items tab
  7. Tick the check box next to Multiple Hash in the list
  8. Ok your way out of the dialog boxes


The component needs a single input.


The component generates a single output. This output will add new columns to your data flow that will be Binary data from the Hash functions.
The following Hash functions are supported:

Hash Size
MD5 16
Ripe MD 160 20
SHA1 20
SHA256 32
SHA384 48
SHA512 64
CRC32 4
CRC32C 4
FNV1a 32 4
FNV1a 64 8


Input Columns Tab
Output Columns Tab


  1. To use, drop the component on the design surface.
  2. Connect it to a Data Flow Source
  3. Edit the component
  4. Select the Input Columns Tab (should already be active)
  5. Tick the columns that will be used for generation of the hash's. If planning more than one hash, then ensure that you select the columns for all hash's to be generated.
  6. If you will have a large number of output columns, and will be excuting on a multi core machine, then consider enabling the Multiple Threading
    1. None will not do Multiple Threading
    2. Auto will do some basic checking, before enabling multiple threading (number of CPU's, and Number of Outputs)
    3. On will enable multiple threading (regardless of the number of CPU Core's etc.
  7. Switch to the Output Columns Tab
  8. In the Output Columns list, enter a new column name, and then select the Hash function
  9. The list to the right should now be populated with the columns that you selected on the Input Columns Tab.
  10. Tick the columns that you wish to use for this Hash.
  11. Repeat 8 though 10 until finished.
  12. Add a Data Flow Destination
  13. Connect the Output from the component to the Data Flow Destination
  14. Run your SSIS component...


See the following article:
Programmatically Creating a Multiple Hash component in a Data Flow

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