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Input Columns Tab

This tab allows you to select which columns you want to be available to generate hash values.

Input Columns Tab

Usage is as simple as ticking which columns you wish to use.

New in 1.4.1 is the ability to highlight a number of rows in the list, and select/deselect them as a group. Just ensure that you have the shift key pressed when you click in the checkbox at the bottom of your group selection.
You can also sort this list (before selecting your rows), by clicking on the header row.

The Safe Null Handling should be ticked...
This will ensure that the component will detect when a null and valued column next to each other swap data.
The Enable Multiple Threading drop down has three values:

Value Meaning
None Use a single thread to calculate all outputs
Auto If more than 2 Cores, and more than 5 outputs, assign each output to a different thread
On Assign each output to a different thread

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